Alexis Taschuk - Art Director + Graphic Designer

Alexis Taschuk - Art Director + Graphic Designer


I’m Alexis Taschuk. I am an art director, graphic designer and passionate creative.

I received my BFA in painting and drawing from Concordia University in Montreal and studied graphic design at NSCAD University in Halifax. I became interested in design when the new restaurant I was managing required advertising. I put my hand up, enrolled in NSCAD's computer graphic's diploma, and designed everything from print ads to billboards and even shot still images for commercials. One of the most interesting challenges was revising the restaurant's identity and deciding how it was going to stand out in the market. These were exciting times! It was creative direction all the way through production. It was picking paint chips and creating a line of clothing right down to telling a room full of senior share holders why tapas would generate more revenue than traditional courses. It was a huge success and I made them their first million. I put down my apron and marketing and design was my new fire.

I moved back to Vancouver in 2006 and was hired by Concerto Marketing Group as their art director and graphic designer for the following nine years. We had a lot of fun and I was able to work with some exceptional clients. I found myself in that unique position with a small firm where I could have my mitts in many pots. I ran everything from event management to traveling photo shoots, and branding and design to client management and print production. I had the pleasure of working with large corporate clients and small independent start-ups. It was a broad spectrum of work that enabled me to see how each part of the marketing and branding puzzle was integral to creating a successful company.

At present, I am freelancing and enjoying the potpourri of projects that have come my way. I’m working with independent clients, not for profit companies and creative agencies. It’s fun! What keeps my fire going is the ability to see me clients grow through beautiful design and a smart brand strategy. I want my clients to have more than just a pretty picture. I them to be on point and make them successful. That's why I tend to start my process with a brand strategy session, move through design and if we can roll into marketing and make a million, even better!

Have a filter through my portfolio and enjoy.